The Nasty Trick (La Vacherie) July 2003

10 days in France in July and once again we cut the grass, after repairing it from parts dropping off during a previous visit. We put coving round the kitchen and most of the lounge but ran out of coving glue. One of our major problems was loss of power during storms resulting in the loss of the freezer contents. That happened twice. A box of tricks lashed together from parts from Maplins will hopefully resolve the matter. We completed the medium bedroom, sorted out the telephone system, repaired the network, finsihed the upstairs hall and that was about it until next time. Britanny Ferries seem now to be very expensive so we went a cheaper route with Condor - 149 return with car as against the Britanny best offer of over 400.


Gordon, never without a computer
Coving up
Kitchen almost looks good
But look at the sink
Upstairs hall finished
Medium bedroom finished
Small bedroom finished
But the large bedroom not started

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