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Snow fell on La Vacherie
Snow down the lane
Stuart in the cold
Christmas was still with us
and at a bit of a do
to see in the New Year
and one person got dressed up
Paris in the Snow
Photos by R Logan
Paris in the Snow
Photos from the Internet
Penny taking aim - the boy at the back potted the black by mistake so Penny won
David looking over the Elan Valley in Mid Wales
Nottingham Christmas Market
Ice skating in Nottingham
A bit of a do New Year's Eve 2012
New Born Lambs
Break Time
Boy loving the mud
The Wheats at 2pm
Jirka and his partner Misa
me and Alberto
Keelan Chris and Enid and a Happy New Year
Friends Reunited Chris and Paul first meeting for decades
Dad Chris asked wheres's your hair gone? Son Paul asked where did yours come from?
Noah's Arc failed at flooded Redon
The Mid Wales Inn - a lovely place to stay
Aaron the LandLord
The New Nottingham Station
Flooding in La Gacilly
Mimosa in bloom
Bramley Buds early
Daffodils already
Gabby after her accident
a visit to my parents memorial
and the church of my young years
The Outspan School in Uganda
SNCF kept me awake at night
John Carver - they are my size
The magnificence of Rennes Theatre
one of the old streets of Rennes
Josselin Cyclo Cross one rider down
another enjoying a mud bath
a Josselin local hurt in a fall
at least this one stayed on his pedals
awaiting content
Bramley blossom
lovely lilac
Wysteria in bloom
St Malo harbour
Stuart and Merilyn's wedding
Charlie preparing to win
The Wine Tasting dinner
April and more floods
and at last spring arrives
primroses are all over Brittany
children playing - can we have our ball back?
France copies UK Supermarkets
The sad side of Paris - a homeless man
My bank just metres away from the man
Primark explodes in Paris
Awaiting content
Chris with two little ducks
The English Rose
Golden Poppies
small Breton Dancers in St Jacut Les Pins
Ros and Colin
Alan Wheat at La Gacilly
The Convent St Jacut Les Pins
la Gare, St Jacut Les Pins
Spring has arrived with Oil Seed Rape
St Jacut Les Pins windmill
Baking Bread at La Vallee St Jacut Les Pins
Cycle Race at La Vacherie
Another Wine Tasting
Brian tastes Cremant but prefers beer
Poppy now in Australia with Auntie Gwen
Awaiting content
Bramleys growing well
3 ducks growing
Stuart in his new home
Brian's last day at the Mexica
The garden party
we dressed up as we were in 1953
young birds lost from their nest
new arrival Archie now called Freezer One
Breton women have no need of these new fangled washing machines
Modern apartments in Paris
Memorial to the dead of Africa, Paris
Modern apartments in Paris
Gay Pride Flag at the British Embassy
Gay Pride Paris and Fetes des Fleurs La Gacilly 2013
The Tour de France in Redon
Its Breton Band time again
Tomatoes in early July
boats on the Villain
118 118 at MudRunner
BP Scouts in Mansfield
Paris and Gay Pride 2013
Proud to be Gay
Young and able to say I'm Gay
3 different styles
Gay OK?
Juno Beach were thousands died to save our freedom
The rocky coast of Brittany near St Nazaire
LaFayette parcel with a big black knob from Le Creuset - why was the box so big?
Premiere Inn Caen and the trusting Dutch
Awaiting content
Flowers at La Vacherie
La Gacilly
Nectarines - first year of production
Stuart's Lucy
Stuart's Vincent
Stuart and Merily's new home
Those lazy hazy days of summer with John Carver
Roy Waite's last party
Harvest is ready
Chris at La Guerno
Enid and Chris
Gay Tram in Angers
The Mulberry Harbour in Arromanches
A chilling visit to a German War Cemetery - 26000 dead
Awaiting content
This 8 year old boy swam 500mtrs in the Villaine at the Eau Libre
Fete des Moulins - St Jacut Les Pins
Water Mill in use at St Jacut Les Pins
a Dubrovnik Street
car parked on the traffic island at La Vacherie
Allaire cycle races with Charlie
Katya and Pavel
Gordon visiting La Vacherie
A visit to the Louvre where remarkably photos can be taken almost without restriction
this crowd was waiting to see ....
the Mona Lisa
patio in the making at La Vacherie
Eau Libre 2014 in Redon
Children as young as 6 have a go in the river
they need to swim 500m but some give up
Awaiting content
Bolsover Castle - a gem in an old mining town
Moto Cross at La Vacherie
A giant of steam at the Roundhouse in Derbyshire
home made apple pie
English invades France
That woman's car on a UK road
Me and friends at Network Russia 20th
grapes grown at La Vacherie
cranberries ready for Christmas
Alan looks out over the Gulf of Morbihan
and now I'm number 3
my son Stephen delighted to be in Montenegro
I'm proud to be from Montenegro
Brian and Martin painting La Vacherie
Keelan Tuck the hooker
Awaiting content
La Vacherie Bramleys on display in Redon
Two little ducks? NO they are gourds
Fetes des Marrons now more of a fun-fair
Rob and Elaine in Spain
in a Spanish Market
ISAAT Students raising money to visit England
Chestnuts on sale at the Fete des Marrons in Redon
Dima, Pavel and Katya visit La Vacherie from Dubna
The restored Windmill at St Jacut Les Pins
Chris - I love John Lewis
Keelan playing Rugby
Baby Eva, daughter to Katya and Dima
children enjoying themselves at the Fete des Marons
Screamiing is the vogue at the Fete des Marons
Flooding at La Vacherie
Christmas at La Vacherie
Santa in France
Belfast City Hall with Union Jack
digging up the traffic island at La Vacherie
Christmas in Nottingham
No-one came to pick me up!
The first La Vacherie Wine Tasting
Roy Waite's last party before returning to the UK
Chris and his new car
La Gacilly with the Autumn floods
The Santa race in Brighton
The chilling graves of children at Aberfan
Christmas is here at Abbey Cwm Hir
Abbey Cwm Hir gardens always beautiful
Christmas Video from Russia